Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Month of Thanks, Day 9

I'm thankful for second chances. I don't know about you, but I feel like a failure far more often than I'd like to admit. I can clearly see in my mind what I'd like to do and how I'd like to be, but I'm constantly falling short of that mental goal. It's downright discouraging, to say the least! I'm glad that God knows my heart and sees that I want to be the best I can be; but that's not enough. I can't use that as an excuse! So, I'm glad for fresh starts, new opportunities, and...grace.


  1. Amen! And I'm thankful that you have taken the time to write these thoughts out to share them with us and remind us of our blessings on a daily basis! I am thankful for you!

  2. Thank you so much. I'm very thankful for you, as well! More than you know!


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