Friday, November 25, 2011

How We Celebrate Thanksgiving

My husband comes from a very large, fairly close-knit family. Since I don't, it was a treat for me to spend Thanksgivings with his family after we were married. I loved the taste of that kind of family life. Derek's grandparents passed away two years ago, and we moved out of state, so Thanksgiving isn't the large family affair that it used to be. One way in which we've remedied that is to invite close friends over to spend Thanksgiving dinner with us.  It's special getting to spend time with our friends this way! We're grateful for those whom God has allowed to come our way.

Our Thanksgiving day is pretty ordinary, but still very special. Preparations are made in advance, if possible, to save work on Thanksgiving Day. Thursday morning, the turkey is shoved into the oven and, if it's really early, (okay, even if it's not really early...if I can excuse it at all...) I crawl back into bed and wake up to the wonderful scent of roasted turkey wafting through the house! Later, after we've all worked together in the kitchen, we enjoy a delicious meal and time of fellowship with our friends and family. Then, whoever is interested (which would mostly be the ladies) sits down with the Black Friday sale papers and makes a list of "what, when, and where" in relation to the annual shopping trip.

This thanksgiving, to try to bring more meaning to the Holiday, I had my children navigate an online "virtual museum" about the lives of the Pilgrims. During the days previous to Thanksgiving, the children worked together on a Thanksgiving project that turned out very nicely and is a wonderful way to count one's blessings. (I hope to post pictures soon.)

All in all, though things may not be perfect, our Thanksgiving is a sweet, simple day full of love, laughter, friendship, and true Thanksgiving.

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  1. It is the "ordinary" things that make up the traditions that mean so much! I love that you were able to have friends to share your day with--true friends become "family" in their own special way. :-)

  2. Judy, you're right! Many times, what I have lacked in family, God has provided in friends. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! Yours is beautiful, by the way!


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