Monday, November 14, 2011

A Month of Thanks, Day 14 ~ Thanksgiving Recipes and Printables

On the fourteenth day of the Thanksgiving Month, I'm thankful that my husband has a job. We all know how terrible the unemployment rate is, and most of us have been through some scary times because of being laid off, losing a job, being unable to find work, and so on. I'm extremely thankful that God worked on our behalf and allowed my husband to find a job when we needed one so desperately.

Because I love Thanksgiving and, I'm sure you do too, and because I love all of the excitement and anticipation that goes into the planning of such a special day, I'm looking up some new ideas and I'll be sharing them with you!

How about these Pilgrim Hats? They're adorable, and the instructions look really easy! Click on the link for details. 

This Double Layer Pumpkin Pie looks scrumptious. Click here to visit the Keebler website and view the recipe. 

At sweetbits you'll find some great printables including this one, which I think is simply perfect! ;) 

I love these;  so simple, yet so meaningful.


  1. Hi Jessica,
    Those little chocolate pilgrim hats look like something I could eat way too much of but would enjoy every minute of it!

    I really admire your writing. I know you must be pretty busy contributing to two blogs and taking care of your family to boot but I was wondering if you would be willing to write a guest post for my blog? You can email me at
    PS. My blog is but it has very few readers.
    PPS. This is Felicia by the way.

  2. I checked out your blog. (Somehow I missed seeing it before...?) Your writing is superb and the topics very timely.

    I'm honored that you'd ask me to do a guest post for you! I'll send an email.

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!

  3. I love the pilgrim hats! I am just going to have to make them with my children! What an adorable idea! :-) I love the printables, as well. Thank you so much for sharing them. I love Thanksgiving and feel it really gets ignored with the Christmas rush and that is really sad. :-)

    Many blessings,


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