Friday, December 16, 2011

Our Christmas Activities

I'll admit that we aren't particularly creative when it comes to Christmas activities. I'll give a little insight into what we do, though, just to give you a glimpse into our rather usual Christmastime fun.

My husband and I put the tree up and get the lights on it, and then we decorate it as a family. This year, due to limited space (which I mentioned in this post) we had to improvise with our tree situation. Here are a few photos of the children decorating:

My sweet daughter made this ornament for the tree. 

Even the dog got in on the action. He was particularly intrigued by the smell of the popcorn. ;)

This is the finished product. Different, to be sure, but we all like it! Maybe next year we can get back to a traditional tree. 
For this Christmas, again due to our limited space, we're only using the same little nativity scene that we've used for years instead of our larger one. It had to go in a more out-of-the-way place than it usually would because of the danger of being knocked to the floor in these tight quarters. The children helped put all the little figures in place. All except Baby Jesus. He won't arrive in the manger until Christmas morning. :)

My son loves the donkey.

We made popcorn and cranberry garlands this year, which was very festive and so much fun...except for the occasional "poke". We enjoyed Christmas cookies and hot chocolate, and just being together. 

Christmas is quickly approaching, so we won't be able to do a whole lot of extra activities. Unfortunately, we missed a concert that I had really looked forward to because I (sheepish grin) was looking at an event calendar from last year. 

We should still be able to get out and see some lights, and that's always fun! I especially like to find a big ol' fancy community where we can drive through and enjoy the gorgeous homes and Christmas decorations. Makes me dream of my mansion in Heaven! :)  

In years past we have caroled in nursing homes with church groups. It always warmed my heart to see how the faces of those dear people brightened up at the sight of the children, and to see them singing along with the familiar Christmas hymns. 

Of course we always enjoy some nights of games and Christmas movies, and...yep...just being together. 

The past two years we were able to take off on a short trip to a nice motel for a little Christmas get away. It was part of the children's Christmas gift, and it wasn't very expensive because it was a tourist area and out of season. It was so very relaxing and we enjoyed making memories together! 

This Sunday our children will be in our church's Christmas play. They're very excited, but oh, so nervous! It will be the first program for our son, who is almost four. He's a camel. That should be a riot. 

I hope to find a Living Nativity in our area, and maybe another Christmas concert of sorts to make up for the one that 

So, you see, we don't do anything really out of the ordinary. The most important thing is to spend time together, make memories, and focus on the true meaning of Christmas...the Gift of God's Son...and the joy and peace that He brought to us. 

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Joanna @ The LaVans


  1. The pictures of your children decorating the tree are absolutely precious! And, the ornament that wishes the Lord a Happy Birthday just made me smile! How absolutely heartwarming that your daughter thought to do that!

    Good luck to your children in the Christmas play. I hope you will post some pictures!

    Many blessings,

  2. Thank you, Lisa! I'll do my best to post some photos! :)

  3. Neat traditions! One we have instituted at my mom and dad's is a stocking for Jesus. It holds envelopes with each person's name on them. Then before we open gifts we take our papers from our envelopes and write something down that will be our gift to Jesus throughout the next year. The goal is for it to be something that " costs " us something. It is interesting to look back over what has been written in the past.

  4. I love the pictures of your children decorating the tree! What wonderful memories!
    Your Christmas trees are arranged so nicely--I was thinking that you may be starting a new trend. :-)

  5. Shawna, that is a good idea!

    Judy, than you! We really like them and they're much easier than a big tree, but we still miss the traditional tree. :)


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