Friday, December 23, 2011

How We Celebrate Christmas

Christmas at our house is a simple time of family togetherness. I like it that way.

On Christmas Eve we watch Christmas movies, play games, eat snacks, and just enjoy our time together. We also allow the children to each open one of their gifts. They definitely love that tradition! 

My children aren't usually the type to bounce into our bedroom at 6:00 on Christmas morning to drag us into the living room to open presents. Sometimes, we have to wake them up. Sleepy heads! 

We started a Christmas morning tradition years ago and it's a precious start to the day's events. The first thing the children do when they wake up is to head for our nativity scene and find Baby Jesus in the manger. (I don't put Him there until Christmas morning.) This is a reminder to them, first thing, that this day isn't about rushing to greedily tear open their gifts. It's about the Baby in the manger Who came to save us from our sins.

After that, we get comfy and my husband reads the Christmas story to us.I so appreciate the sense of reverence that comes with the retelling of that old-but-always-new story!  We pray together and then...'s time to open the gifts! Chaos reigns! 

The rest of the day is spent enjoying the children's new gifts, with nothing in particular planned. Just relaxing. 

We used to plan a big ol' meal for Christmas Day, but have decided that we'd rather spend our time enjoying the day than cooking in the kitchen. So, we've simplified the menu. Last year, (and I believe we'll have the same thing this year) we had ham, crock-pot macaroni and cheese, broccoli salad, and rolls. All quick and easy to prepare. Of course, we have desserts and snacks on hand as well so we can "graze" throughout the day.

I love spending a simple Christmas, all cozied up with my little family!

What special Christmas traditions do you observe every year? I'd love to read them, so please share!

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