Monday, April 25, 2011

Candlelight and Cardboard Boxes

The house was in disarray, we had no semblance of a schedule, and cardboard boxes were stacked everywhere; but as I was getting ready to throw some things together for dinner I got the bright idea to toss some candles on the table, use "real" plates, not plastic, and make it special. Derek thought I was nuts. But I think even he had to admit that the finished product, although laughable to many of you, I'm sure, was pretty nice! Certainly not elegant or properly done, but nice. And relaxing. :)

Special times don't have to be perfect or even planned out to a T. Impromptu and make-do makes some pretty good memories. ;)

Oh...and the beautiful flowers sent by my sweet in-laws were a big part of the inspiration!

Sometimes it's a good thing to be spontaneous. Make every moment count! :)


  1. That was so much fun...even if it wasn't planned out to a "T". ;)

  2. Beautiful, Jessica...what a way to treasure each and every moment with your family...


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