Monday, March 28, 2011

Hold Me

We're sleeping soundly when, suddenly, we're awakened by a flash of lightning and the crash of thunder. I wait, smiling, for the sound of little feet pattering down the hall. 1...2...3.... The door opens and in they tumble. "Mommy! It's storming!" And, of course, we get up, spread out blankets and pillows, and let them finish the night in our room so they won't be scared.

Poor babies! Not one of them is brave when it comes to storms. They're scared at even the thought of one. Being all grown up, I have a pretty good idea that the storms won't hurt us. Oh, a few come along that make me nervous, but not very often. My children however, don't seem to believe me. No matter what I say or how I try to comfort them, they're still afraid.

And poor little Drew...vacuum cleaners...trains...such scary things! He's absolutely terrified of the vacuum and has in recent months, for some unknown reason, become very afraid of trains. When he hears one coming he stops whatever he's doing and...plugs his ears. Yep. His ears. Like so....--->

I try to comfort my children, and I do my best to reassure them that they'll be okay. The storm isn't THAT bad. I tell Drew that vacuums and trains might sound scary, but they won't hurt him.

To me, it's pretty silly and I feel sorry for them. But then I think about myself...and my fears. I'm an honest-to-goodness fraidy-cat. Really.

Problems and Decisions that I'm facing are big and very real. I'm in a storm. And I'm...scared. And, like Drew, I feel like just plugging my ears and hoping everything goes away.

I guess this is a very simple and maybe a child-way of looking at things, but I wonder if God feels like that sometimes, when He tries to reassure me like I try to reassure my children...and I don't listen very well. He knows I'll make it through the storm. He knows these things that I'm so afraid of will all turn out okay in the end if I'll just trust Him. He offers comfort and protection from the storm, but I still fret. I'm still afraid. He offers His strength and His peace, but I choose to huddle in fear.

And He understands.

He knows I'm only human. I'm His child. And He pities I pity my children.

He rebukes me, but does it gently.

And He keeps encouraging me to trust. To rest in Him. And to let Him "Hold Me".

"Father, thank You for being there...always. Thank You for Your promise to "Hold Me", and to keep me safe in Your strong arms.  Forgive me for my lack of faith! Help me to just leave it all to You. To trust You. Help me to believe that You'll bring me through this storm; and through every storm that comes my way. You understand even my "silly" fears. And You care."


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