Monday, September 1, 2014

Monday Blessings

Keeping it short today because I should already have a lot of stuff done but I didn't get to it and now I'm just staring at everything wondering where to start and if I should just throw everything out the door and take a nap and would it be okay if I fast-forwarded to next month, please?  (Ya gotta love run on sentences and an extreme lack of punctuation, right? Because that's how my mind is runnin' right now, so....)

Today, I'm thankful for:
1. Doing surprisingly well at my little sale.
2. Being able to use the money I made to buy a few things for our "new" house.
3. The comfort of knowing that God's got us in His hands. 
4. For His forgiveness and grace when I don't trust Him like I know I should.
5. For lifelong friendships that stand the test of time.
6. For the sounds of summer.
7. For a rare sweet tea. Two of them, actually. 
8. For our awesome homeschool group. Seriously...some of the best moms around. :)
9. For the ability to play the piano, because it's a comfort to me.
10. For the return of football season, amen? 

What are some of your Monday blessings? 


  1. 1.I'm thankful for getting to know you on Facebook. Since the last time I saw you we were in elementary at Bible Missionary Academy.
    2.I had my coleslaw and chocolate cake today.
    3. My family and 4 kids and one on the way.
    4. Homeschooling and the Co-ops were involved in.
    5. Saved and filled with the Holy Ghost
    6. House is cleaned
    7. Got a new kitchen table with chairs we can all sit together at.
    8. Daughter was determined to teach the youth tonight on a Holiday in the rain.
    9. I like using my new fabric sponges in the dryer with Gain.
    10. I'm glad the rain waited till the chicken was done on the grill. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed reading them. :)


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