Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Just Being Thankful

For the happiness I see on my children's faces when their daddy comes home from work or school. 

For the delightful sound of my son giggling in his sleep. 

For rain. 

For boo-boos made better by mommy's kisses. 

For my husband's arm around me in church. 

For new friends and sweet fellowship. 

For a letter from someone special. 

For a surprise package from wonderful friends. 

For laughter that hurts. 

For visits with an elderly grandfather whom I love more every day. 

For tears. 

For difficulties that remind me to rely on God and not myself.

For grace. 

For all these "little" things, I'm thankful. 


  1. Absolutely beautiful, Jessica. You have such a way with words! Thanks for brightening my afternoon with your kind and grateful spirit! :-)


  2. Thank you, Lisa, for taking the time to comment. :) You're so kind.


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