Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Our Homeschool Mini-Story

"If you've read my bio, you already know that we homeschool our children. We feel very strongly about homeschooling, but we do our best never to appear judgmental or self-righteous to those who feel differently than we do!

We began our homeshooling journey several years ago when our firstborn was old enough for Kindergarten. Since my husband was working, I was the one who would be mostly responsible for teaching our children. I felt overwhelmed, inadequate, incapable, ill-equipped, and terrified. But here we are, about seven years later, and now...I feel overwhelmed, inadequate, incapable, ill-equipped, and terrified!" This is a quote from my post at  Joy Ever After today.

I used to think that there was no way I could ever homeschool my children. I mean, me?  Homeschool? Laughable! But, after prayerful consideration and talking to other moms who were homeschooling their children (and who were every bit as "human" and maybe even as scatter-brained as myself), my husband and I agreed to "do this thing". We ordered the curriculum and jumped into it with both feet. Or something like that.

There have been plenty of "pull-out-the-hair-and-bang-the-head-against-the-wall-and-scream-til-I'm-hoarse" moments. And not just the kids--I've had those moments, too. ;) Many times I was tempted to quit and send them off to school. But I knew deep down that it was never really an option and, somewhere along the line, I stopped even thinking that way. God called me to do this, and do it I will. And He has helped...of course! He said He would!

The rewards of homeschooling have far, far outweighed the trials. To spend these hours with my children, to watch the light bulb come on as they grasp a new concept, to feel the accomplishment that comes from knowing that, with God's help, I have taught them their readin' writin' and 'rithmetic, is simply priceless. The fact that I don't have to worry about what they are being taught and what kind of influences are shaping them while they're away from me for the best hours of their day is a huge blessing.

So, in short, here's how I feel. My children have been placed in my care by God for only a short time and it's my task to teach and to train them to walk in His ways and to be well-educated so that they might bring honor to Him. The church and our family play a part, but the ultimate responsibility for their education rests with their father and myself.

In this post I'd like to reach out to those of you who are also homeschooling moms, or those of you who would like to be, but are afraid and don't know where to start. If I can help in any way, however limited it may be, I would love to. And if you can help me, I would love for you to! That's what it's all about, right?

If any of you who read this are considering schooling your children at home, I urge you to prayerfully "take the plunge." There are many people, far more knowledgeable than I am, who would be more than willing to encourage you and to answer your questions. Check out the links below for more info, or find a homeschool group in your area.

Here are some homeschool links that I have found to be helpful:

Rainbow Resource Center. This site has so many homeschool helps to offer it'll make your head spin. I mean, if you order their catalog, be prepared. It's huge. I've spent hours drooling over it! They will also answer your curriculum questions free of charge.

At HomeSchool Reviews you can (duh) read reviews, compare curriculum, shop, and check out their forums.

Homeschooling From The Heart. I just found this site, and I'm already hooked. Of course they have a store, but you will also find reviews and helpful articles.

Cathy Duffy Reviews. Reviews and articles from a curriculum specialist.

Home School Legal Defense Association is there not only for legal advice and protection, but also for information, newsletters, and many other resources. Great place to begin if you're new to homeschooling. You don't have to join to have access to many of the site's features, but members do have some awesome benefits!

And one of my absolute favorites, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. Too much good stuff to even mention here! They also have a Facebook page that is oh, so helpful. Trust me on this!

There are many, many sites and blogs dedicated to homeschooling. Obviously, not all are created equal, but many of them are truly Biblical, very informative, and encouraging!

I would greatly appreciate it if you would keep us in your prayers as we continue on this exciting journey!



  1. Jessica, what a beautiful post! You have summed up so well the journey that our family, as well, has taken. There has been self-doubt, lack of confidence, and frustrations, but I truly believe it was the best and most rewarding decision we ever made.

    I truly love spending the days with my children. We are closer than we have ever been and they are closer with each other. Not wanting to sound self-righteous, like you said, how could anyone know or love our children like we do? No school or no person could or would be willing to take the time to assess each and every child's needs, interests and learning style. That is where we come in! :-)

    Thank you, also, for the list of resources. May God continue to bless our homeschools!

  2. Thank you so much, Lisa, and a big "AMEN" to everything you said!


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